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About Us

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Our home base is San Francisco.  We opened for business in November 2018 and we're an independent clothing label.

We're inspired by the Bay Area, music, tech and by what we see people wearing on the streets.  We are a citywear, streetwear, and festival wear brand.

Check out our blog to learn more.

Snap a pic of yourself in one of our tees or hoodies and we'll post your pic on our site and link to all your social media accounts.

Email us and we'll send you some of our new stickers for free - while supply lasts.

We're also inspired with being socially responsible.  We give back by donating 10% of all sales to GreenItUp - a non-profit that supplies under-funded schools in the U.S. with books about the environment, seed packets and plants, and even tees for students.  We also monitor our production of clothing items to follow the "greenest" processes possible and we ship with minimal packing materials.  Contact us anytime about anything at . 
Our motto:  Let's have fun!